Donations and Gifts

Greenwood Cemetery Company of New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania is a nonprofit Corporation. The Cemetery is not publicly supported through taxes nor subsidized in any manner. The Cemetery has struggled both financially and physically through the ages.

The Cemetery's only source of revenue is from interest income which is approximately $400 a month and by donations from interested and compassionate people like you. Please help us to save this irreplaceable part of Lawrence County and New Castle's wonderful cultural heritage. As a nonprofit organization operating under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule 501(C)(13), your gifts and/or donations to Greenwood Cemetery are tax deductible.

Donations by mail:
Contribute to Greenwood Cemetery Company by sending a check or money order.

Please make payable to:

Greenwood Cemetery Company
32 South Greenwood Ave.
New Castle, PA 16101






32 S. Greenwood Ave., New Castle, Pa.16101 Phone: (724) 652-6541 Email: